Health & Wellness Program

Our Health & Wellness Program includes clinical tests that can help us to evaluate your current health,
along with determining the supplement support and dietary changes that may benefit you. This visit
includes a nutritional examination, a review of your current symptoms and comprehensive health history.
The information obtained will allow us to build an individualized program designed to support your
primary concerns and health goals. A formal report is prepared and then reviewed with you on your
follow-up office visit.

Nutrition Basics

During this visit you will learn the basic principles of good nutrition. We will review the truth about
healthy foods and reveal some of the false information that has been taught over the years. You will come
to an understanding of what meal planning should look like along with a balanced and fun approach to
enjoying your favorite snacks. This plan is a journey of discovery as you try new foods and learn about
eating for better health.

Purification Consultation

Our Purification Program helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. The program gives
you a structured plan for purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are
experiencing such things as food cravings, weight gain, joint discomfort, stuffy head, fatigue or difficulty
sleeping, indigestion or other temporary gastrointestinal issues you may benefit from this program.

Follow-up visits

Follow- up visits are used for any individual that would like continued support with their nutrition journey.
This visit allows for continual monitoring of your goals and providing encouragement when working
through other difficulties you may encounter on your path to good health. Both you and the Doctor can
decide if these visits are necessary.